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Budapest’s never-ending subway project

Budapest’s number 4 underground train line has become a political issue that engenders either enthusiastic support or vehement opposition from those who claim it’s a „useless bottomless pit that swallows millions.”

The new line was first conceived in 1972; the current route was approved in 1996 and construction finally began in spring 2007. József Makai comments: „The number 4 line is a symbol of Hungary’s megalomania, but also its struggles. Therefore it should never be completed, because if it is completed in 2010, what promises can politicians make in the 2014 election campaign?

Here in Hungary there are hardly any ideas that could replace the underground project. Thus, construction on the underground will continue and the government of the moment will promise that it will be ready in the next legislative period - and naturally this will go on and on.” (Magyar Hírlap, europe.courrierinternational)