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90 companies in 6 countries: complex ERP for TriGránit

TriGránit-Dipol-Euroinvest holding has signed a contract with XAPT to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX-based ERP system in its 90 affiliates in 6 countries.

Its task will be to cover all internal processes and will replace the existing systems working independently. TriGránit, founded by Demján Sándor has invested so far €1,500 million in Hungary and the neighboring countries. A couple of TriGránit’s projects: Budapest: Westend City Center, Pólus Center, Bank Center, Művészetek Palotája, Nemzeti Színház; Pozsony (Slovakia): Millenium Tower I, II etc.

TriGránit was looking for one complex, integrated system to replace current hetegenous systems. Microsof Dynamics AX won against well-known solutions in the building and real estate industry. The reason for this is the system's flexibility - XAPT proved that Dynamics AX will be able to match TriGránit's business processes (which ensures their current competitiveness) and also to be able to adapt changing business and processes in the longer run.

TriGránit and XAPT Hungary signed a contract for several ERP modules, project phases and countries. In total 90 subsidiaries in Hungary and 6 other countries will use Microsoft Dynamics AX system. About 180 concurrent users will work with the system, and the total number of users getting in touch with it will exceed 300. The first goal is to replace existing independent systems and migrate the whole finance and accounting system to a uniform platform. This will ensure that internal data will be available up-to date for use in finance, accounting and controlling.

Further task is to give stronger and more integrated support to processes. According to current plans the system will include Hungary and 6 further countries in the region and the project will end in 2009. The main parts are: finance and accounting, planning and implementing real estate development projects, property and facility management, rental business, cash flow management, contract register and controlling. The system will be based on the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX, integrated with other property and facility management industry modules and functions.

„At the end of the 2-years' implementation period this will be probably the most complex Microsoft-based ERP system not only in Hungary, but in the region. Its specialties are the great number of data and reports, controlling functions by countries, branches and companies, and the most complex integrated data on projects, tenants, contracts, and finance and accounting data.