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What would Serbia sacrifice for Kosovo?

Vuk Jeremić said Serbia is willing to sacrifice certain characteristics of sovereignty for the sake of Kosovo. UN chief welcomes initiative by Kosovo Contact Group for new talks.

The Serbian Foreign Minister said that Belgrade is prepared to offer Kosovo a wide autonomy, in an effort to find a solution for the future status of Kosovo. “Serbia is prepared to consider the possibility of letting go of several characteristics of sovereignty. In that way, Kosovo would be able to have access to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and other international financial institutions. We are ready to give up a lot, but they have to be ready to give up some things as well,” Jeremić told BBC.
“We arrive at the negotiations through the principled support of Russia, rather, its principled support of the norms of international law. At the same time, no one should suspect that there is a strategic orientation for Serbia’s EU membership,” Jeremić said. (

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Wednesday welcomed an initiative by the Contact Group on Kosovo to mediate new talks between Serbia and its breakaway province of Kosovo. Ban said in a statement that he had been briefed by the Contact Group of its agreement to have a Troika comprising representatives of the European Union, the Russian Federation and the United States mediate further negotiations. “I welcome this initiative by the Contact Group. I hope that the new period of engagement will lead to agreement on Kosovo’s future status, which remains a priority for the United Nations,” Ban said. “The international community must find a solution that is timely, addresses the key concerns of all communities living in Kosovo and provides clarity for Kosovo’s status. The status quo is not sustainable,” he added. The secretary-general promised that the world body will continue to play a constructive role in the new period of engagement and continue its major role on the ground in Kosovo. (