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Vietnam returns 4 kg of highly enriched uranium to Russia

Vietnam has returned about 4 kilograms (9 pounds) of highly enriched uranium to Russia, nuclear power agency Rosatom said.

“An operation to return 3.9 kg of highly enriched nuclear fuel (enriched to 36% U-235) from a research reactor in the city of Dalat, Vietnam, has been completed,” the agency said in a press release on Monday. In accordance with a Russian-US intergovernmental agreement, the two countries are obliged to repossess highly enriched nuclear fuel that they have supplied to third countries for research purposes. The countries have withdrawn over 500 kg of highly enriched uranium from abroad since 2002.

Rosatom said the nuclear fuel from Vietnam would be blended down to low-enriched uranium, with a U-235 concentration of less than 20%. The agency also said a shipment of low-enriched nuclear fuel had been delivered to Dalat from the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant in Siberia. (