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Venezuela, Algeria sign bilateral accords to enhance cooperation

Venezuela and Algeria Thursday signed seven bilateral accords at the end of a four-day meeting, with the aim of strengthening their cooperation in various fields.

“We can not continue asking developed countries to change. Only the people from the united Third World countries will be able to accomplish changes,” Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told the closing ceremony of the Second Mixed Cooperation Commission meeting between the two countries. The bilateral accords are aimed at enhancing cooperation between Venezuela and Algeria in the fields of energy, trade, technology, agriculture, politics, industry, education and culture.

The PDVSA, Venezuela’s state oil company, and its Algerian counterpart Sonatrach signed an accord to explore and produce crude oil in the two countries, which also agreed to provide special training courses for 420 young people. In the industrial area, Venezuela and Algeria signed an important accord to promote consultation and exchanges of information in certifying products. The rapprochement between Venezuela and African nations has been strengthened in the past years due to Chavez’s integration foreign policy. In 2008, Caracas will host a summit between South American and African countries. Both Venezuela and Algeria are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the Non-Aligned Movement. (