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V4 countries pledge closer cooperation

The premiers of the Visegrád countries have agreed to intensify cooperation in the region at the group’s 2010 summit in Budapest.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán highlighted the need for stronger ties in the region so as to prevent that a “money” curtain should every divide the V4 nations, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland as the iron curtain once did.

The agreement concluded at the start of the meeting stipulates that the prime ministers will meet before every major assemblies of the EU and the European Council so as to coordinate agendas and more effectively uphold regional interests.

Czech PM Petr Necas highlighted energy security as the most pressing challenge facing the V4.

Poland’s Donald Tusk highlighted that the countries of the nation should grow beyond their current states of often being considered second-rate members of the European Union.

Later in the day, Orbán was to meet with Iveta Radicova of Slovakia, which assumed the presidency of the V4 on July 1. During the meting it was raised as a possibility that the two might also discuss the matter of the dual citizenship introduced by Hungary, a move that caused a serious rift in already stale Hungaro-Slovak relations. (BBJ)