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US to invest over $60 mln in joint military facilities in Bulgaria

The United States will invest a total of $66.5 million in refurbishment of Bulgarian military facilities which will be jointly used by the US and the Bulgarian army, local press reported Wednesday citing US deputy chief of mission Alexander Karagiannis.

Karagiannis was speaking at an information forum on the joint use of military facilities. He said that the two sides will sign two agreements, one for temporary and one for permanent facilities. The first contract for the joint facilities was won Wednesday by a German company in cooperation with a local company. It is for $6.5 million and includes work on temporary facilities, mostly tents. The chief subcontractor is a Bulgarian company.

The tender procedure for the permanent facilities is still open and the winner will be clear in September. Karagiannis explained that this procedure concerns barracks, sanitary facilities, canteens and others. Karayanis said that US servicemen will start arriving here for various drills from the end of this summer. The first batch will be of 900 US service persons, who will hold joint exercises with some 100 Bulgarian soldiers for four to six weeks. (