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US experts end measurements of Czech radar site

Some 30 US experts finished their 4-day measurements of the possible site of the US missile defense radar base in the Brdy military grounds of the Czech Republic, Czech Defense Ministry spokesman Andrej Cirtek said on Thursday.

“The US team consisted of experts on radar technology, environment, transport and construction infrastructure, geology and hydrology,” Cirtek said. This is the first time that the US experts examined the conditions of the locality in detail. In early July, the defense ministry chose the locality, situated about 2 kilometer away from Misov, west Bohemia area, and some 90 kilometer southwest of Prague.

Apart from the Americans, a group of Czech specialists comprised of defense ministry experts and environmentalists will visit the Marshall Islands from where the US radar installations should be moved to Brdy this autumn. The United States unveiled its plan in January to place 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar system in the Czech Republic, as components of the missile defense shield. A recent opinion poll shows that more than two thirds of Czech citizens disagree with the installation of the base. (english.people)