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US clarifies “expected” Hungarian recognition of Kosovo

The United States Embassy in Budapest has released a statement to clarify recent statements by US Ambassador April H. Foley on Washington “expecting” Hungary to recognize Kosovo.

The release reads as follows:

“During a recent business promotion trip to Cleveland in the US, US Ambassador April H. Foley made several public presentations in which she conveyed points about US policies. After one of those presentations, the Ambassador was asked to characterize the announcements of European Union countries toward Kosovo’s declaration of independence. Some of the Hungarian media reports and commentaries have misconstrued the Ambassador’s words on Hungary’s position, stating that she said the US “expects” Hungary to recognize Kosovo’s independence. The Ambassador wishes to clarify that the governments of the United States and of Hungary maintain close consultations on this issue and are in broad agreement over the need to ensure long-term stability in the Western Balkans and to bring the entire region into the Euro-Atlantic community. We anticipate that Hungary will move forward in keeping with their public statements regarding Kosovo.” (press release)