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UN police clash with Serb protesters

UN special police stormed a courthouse in northern Kosovo on Monday, evicting Serb demonstrators who had occupied the building protesting against Kosovo's independence.

Several hundred soldiers surrounded the court in Serb-dominated town of Kosovska Mitrovica early in the morning, where judicial workers demanding to return to their jobs were protesting since Friday, Beta news agency reported, as cited by B92.

The protesters were not resisting the arrest but when the troops tried to take them away, a large group of citizens blocked the road and started to throw stones at the UNMIK forces. The riot police responded using tear gas and shock bombs.

Several demonstrators and policemen were injured, witnesses at the scene said.

Hundreds of troops are currently on the streets as armored vehicles and five tanks have cordoned off the court building.

Helicopters were also used in the raid as UN and NATO troops removed the Serbian flag that demonstrators had placed on the building.

According to reports, rioting has spread to other parts of the town and alert sirens and explosions can be heard. (B92)