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Ukranian president urges tougher anti-corruption measures

Ukranian President Viktor Yushchenko on Friday called for tougher measures to combat corruption among government officials at all levels.

Addressing a coordination meeting of leaders from the law enforcement departments, Yushchenko urged establishing a unified state anti-corruption agency as well as enacting and implementing unified anti-corruption policies and measures. He also called for efforts to accelerate reforms of the judicial system, perfect state organs’ management systems, revise laws concerning state organs, and enact regulations about civil servants’ conduct.

The president suggested revoking the lawmakers’ judicial immunity, establishing an annual income and expenditures’ declaration system for officials from state power departments, and banning holders of public posts from being engaged in business activities. He went on to stress that effective mechanisms must be set up to ensure that ordinary citizens, media and non-governmental organizations have the right to supervise corrupt activities. (