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Tymoshenko's second try

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko once again submitted the candidacy of Yulia Tymoshenko to prime minister, after the pro-Western coalition leader fell short by one vote Tuesday, the presidential press service said.

Viktor Yushchenko's move follows a relevant proposal from Supreme Rada Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk on behalf of parliamentary factions. After Tymoshenko, who served as premier in 2005, failed to receive sufficient votes in the Supreme Rada, the “orange” camp accused opponents - the Party of Regions led by acting Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych - of blocking lawmakers' electronic cards during the vote.

Tymoshenko, 47, was nominated for the post by a coalition of her eponymous party and the pro-presidential Our Ukraine bloc after the groups won a total of 227 seats in the September elections, one vote above the 226 votes required to form a majority in the 450-seat Rada. (