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Troubled waters of the construction industry

The austerity package makes the prospects for the home building industry even bleaker than the current reality, said Margit Rabb, sales manager of home developer Interestate Zrt.

In 2007 there will be at least 10 % less homes completed so the number of new homes might be under 30,000, for the first time in years. Other concerns voiced both by and about construction industry are illegal labor, the low level of workplace safety and construction quality and the notorious chain debt. The sector has had a collective contract, obligatory for all the companies, since the end of March, still illegal labor is flourishing.

The National Alliance of Construction Entrepreneurs (ÉVOSz) asked the National Labor Supervision to be tougher with collective contracts. The effort to increase the level of quality seems to be equally ineffective: there have been five companies receiving and forty ones requesting the certificate of being a qualified construction company since last autumn. (Napi Gazdaság)