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Transparency International makes anti-bribery recommendations for Hungary

Transparency International has suggested Hungary make changes to protection for whistle-blowers, campaign finance rules and anti-corruption strategy, as well as raise awareness of anti-corruption efforts in a fresh report on the enforcement of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

Transparency International recommended Hungary "introduce effective whistle-blower protection. Introduce and enforce party and campaign finance regulation. Improve strategic planning of anti-corruption efforts. Raise awareness and communication of anti-corruption efforts and tools."

The absence in Hungary of a central authority for anti-corruption planning or coordination of enforcement is "problematic", according to the report. "Whistle-blower protection is inadequate as the law on whistle-blowers cannot be enforced due to legislative shortcomings," it said.

Transparency International acknowledged in the report that there were a number of reforms in 2010 that aimed to improve anti-corruption efforts, including changes to the Public Procurement Act. These changes "may decrease the risks of corruption, but others may result in less transparency", the report said.

In a classification of OECD Anti-Bribery Convention countries based on the degree of foreign bribery enforcement, Hungary was placed in the "little or no enforcement" group, with 20 other countries, including most of its neighbors. Just nine countries were in the "moderate enforcement" group and only seven were in the "active enforcement" group.