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The role of the EU in the conflict between Slovakia and Hungary

A dispute over the expulsion of Hungarians from Czechoslovakia after World War II has been brewing between Slovakia and Hungary for some time.

In a commentary, Martin M. Šimecka, the Slovakian chief editor of the Czech weekly Respekt, writes: „A conflict of national interests between two EU member states can put the strength of the idea on which the Union is based to the test. Up to now the Slovaks and Hungarians have behaved in a way that flouts the central idea of the EU, without being punished for doing so.

What’s more, if worst comes to the worst they are relying on the Union to somehow solve their problems. It’s even possible that both states have intensified their battle against each other since they no longer have only themselves or their own armies to depend on. Paradoxically, their faith in Brussels has only served to escalate the situation.” (europe.courrierinternational)