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Tárki poll shows Fidesz increases lead

The ruling Fidesz party has further increased its lead over the opposition Socialist Party, pollster Tárki said in a statement sent to MTI on Wednesday.

Among decided voters, 53 % of respondents supported Fidesz – the same percentage as in June – and 20 % preferred the Socialists – down 4 percent, the poll said.

Across the whole sample, Fidesz enjoyed 30 % of support, while the Socialist Party would garner 11 percent of votes if a general election were held this weekend.

The green LMP party has nearly doubled its support among decided voters from 6 to 10 % between June and July. Radical nationalist Jobbik, Hungary’s fourth parliamentary party, held 15 percent support in the same group.

The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 1,000 voting-age adults.