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Szonda Ipsos reports slight MSzP lead

The senior governing Hungarian Socialist Party (MSzP) has managed to overtake the main opposition Fidesz party among all eligible voters, Népszabadság reported on Thursday quoting latest figures by pollster Szonda Ipsos.

According to the polls registered in mid-March, 30% of all voters supported MSzP and 28% supported Fidesz. Among those who plan to cast their votes and are certain about which party to choose, MSzP enjoyed 46% backing and Fidesz 43% in mid-March.

As many as 86% of the people interviewed said they expected a close competition, but 42% projected MSzP's victory and only 29% expected Fidesz to come out as winner, the poll found. According to Szonda Ipsos, a relative majority of people want the current government to remain in office.

A total of 61% of respondents said they would cast their votes in the first round of the elections on April 9, which is below the 69% who turned up at the polls four years ago.