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SzDSz behind Péter Oszkó

The liberal SzDSz would support Deloitte Magyarország President-CEO Péter Oszkó to replace current Finance Minister János Veres in Hungary's new government, the daily newspaper Népszabadság reported.

Népszabadság said that it has learned that the likely prime minister of Hungary's new government, Gordon Bajnai, is not averse to the notion of appointing Oszkó, to serve as minister of finance.

According to press reports, Bajnai distributed a thee-page summary of his proposed program to MPs from the socialist and liberal parties, asking them to sign and return the summary by Sunday to prove their support for it. Bajnai reportedly said that he would decline to serve as prime minister if he fails to gain sufficient support for the legislation contained in the program.

When discussing with Bajnai his nomination for the post of Prime Minister last Sunday, SzDSz representatives said he should include independent specialists in four or five key positions, including finance minister, in the new government. Other posts where SzDSz would see a change are that of the minister of economic affairs, justice, of social affairs and that of secret services, senior SzDSz official Gábor Horn told the daily. Horn expected a national SzDSz assembly to vote in support of Bajnai for the post of Prime Minister on Sunday as the party's leadership and parliamentary group had done on the previous Sunday.

Economic specialists and business leaders established the Reform Alliance in November 2008 to formulate a comprehensive economic-reform program, which it presented to the government on February 21.

The Reform Alliance proposals called for steeper tax cuts and a bigger reduction in budget spending than those contained in the Gyurcsány government's economic program. (MTI – Econews)