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Student union to protest tuition fee

The National Conference of Student Unions (HÖOK) will start preparing to stage demonstrations in the autumn against the government's proposal to introduce a tuition fee in higher education, chairman Gergely Ekler said on Wednesday.

Main opposition Fidesz and its youth arm Fidelitas supports the initiative. HÖOK cannot accept any kind of tuition fee for state-financed courses, but it is ready to act as a partner in the reform of financing higher education, Ekler said. HÖOK has set up a coordination group to run a campaign against the tuition fee plan.
Fidelitas deputy chairman Péter Ágh said Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány has gone back on his campaign promise not to introduce tuition fees. The government's proposal submitted last week is for a fee of Ft 105,000 (€375) per semester for a bachelors degree and Ft 150,000 (€536) per semester for a masters, with plus or minus 50% leeway granted to individual institutions on those amounts.
Under the proposal, the top 15% of performers would have their fees waived.