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Sólyom: A Green party could be the 3rd force

It is still possible that the political life in Hungary will change and it is time for a green party as the third wing to appear on the political stage, said President László Sólyom in an interview to news portal

The people are so disillusioned in politics that the reason for environmental protection could easily be a common denominator for many, regardless of their current political preference. But he would never take up any roles in this hypothetical party, Sólyom added. He also said that the assembly law should be amended as according to it, any demonstration that are not announced three days in advance would have to be dispersed and this way it is unconstitutional. The behavior of the police has improved a lot since last autumn but they are still unable to distinguish between a pretzel vendor and a journalist. At the same time, Sólyom emphasized, this current situation established some kind of a solidarity out in the streets, as the journalists, if they also have been chased, show more understanding when passers-by are caught by the police and maybe even beaten; though this behavior should not be considered right not right. (Gazdasági Rádió)