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Socialists win first round of elections

The governing Hungarian Socialist Party (MSzP) won the first round of the parliamentary elections with all of the ballots counted.

The Socialists finished with 43.21% of votes ahead of Fidesz with 42.03%. The two smaller parties got enough votes in the first round to surpass the 5% threshold to get back into Parliament. The junior coalition Alliance of Free Democrats (SzDSz) accumulated 6.5% and the conservative Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF), contradicting pre-election poll results, won 5.04%.
Based on current standings, the socialist-liberal coalition would be the first to win two consecutive general elections in Hungary.
Official estimates made when 96.5% of the votes were counted showed MSzP with 105 mandates in the 386-seat chamber, MSzP-SzDSz with 5 seats, SzDSz alone with 4 while Fidesz-KDNP had 98 mandates and MDF 2.
The second round will take place on April 23.