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Socialists to combat leaks from party meetings

A proposal is being prepared to prevent recordings of closed Socialist party meetings from being leaked, Hungarian Socialist Party (MSzP) board chairman Gábor Simon said on Monday.

Simon said an investigation was being launched into how an edited tape recording of a speech by minister for local governments Mónika Lamperth to the party's presidium at the weekend had come to be broadcast by public radio. Simon insisted the text had been edited in a manipulative way to convey exactly the opposite meaning Lamperth had intended.
In the meantime, another speech to the same closed meeting, by the Socialist party's deputy leader Imre Szekeres, was leaked to public radio on Monday. In the speech Szekeres assessed the results of the local government elections on October 1. He noted that a third of the party's core voters had stayed away from voting booths, saying this represented a severe setback for his party. He said the junior governing partner SzDSz had become a medium-sized Budapest party from having been a small national party, since its support outside Budapest had drastically shrunk. As a result, the Socialists would need to reassess their relationship with SzDSz, he said. At the same time, he urged party board members to embrace the small conservative opposition Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF). Prior to the leak of Szekeres' speech, SzDSz leader Gábor Kuncze said he was aware that his party had been attacked during the MSzP meeting on Saturday, but he said he was not especially concerned about this.
The recent leaks come after a speech by Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány to a closed session of his party also appeared in the media, sparking riots and demonstrations.