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Socialists lose support due to deficit-cutting measures

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSzP) has lost half of its popular support three months after its election victory, as plans to cut the budget deficit were made public, pollster Gallup said today.

Support for the Socialists fell to 21% this month from 43% in the April election, while support for the largest opposition party Fidesz fell to 35% from 42%.
Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s plans to raise taxes and regulated prices to slash the European Union's largest budget deficit worsened people's outlooks for their finances and eroded the party's support. “Two-thirds of Hungarians expect their financial situation to deteriorate in the next year and only a fifth of them expect an improvement over the next four years,” the pollster said in a statement.
The Alliance of Free Democrats (SzDSz), the Socialists' governing partner, had 2% support, down from 6.3% in the elections. Support for the opposition Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF) was at 3%, compared with 5% in April. The share of undecided voters rose to 25% from 16% in a poll last month.