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Socialists ask opposition to reschedule rally

The chairman of MSzP, the governing Socialist party, has asked opposition leader Viktor Orbán to reschedule a public rally in Budapest so as not to coincide with a rally the Socialists had already announced.

István Hiller asked Orbán in a letter sent on Monday to bring forward the Fidesz rally by a day.


The Socialists on Saturday called on supporters to take to the streets on April 2, in a demonstration upholding the principles of democracy and the rule of law. Orbán then announced on Sunday that Fidesz would hold a rally on the same day.

Fidesz's nominee for deputy prime minister, István Mikola, said on Monday that he did not see any risks in the two rallies taking place at the same time. The Socialists plan to hold the rally on Andrássy út, while Fidesz called on supporters to turn up in front of Parliament.