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Serbia: Tadić dissolves parliament, calls elections

President Boris Tadić has dissolved parliament and called snap parliamentary elections Thursday.

The elections will take place on May 11, to coincide with the local and provincial elections. The government handed the president a proposal on Monday to dissolve parliament after concluding that the government could no longer continue to function. “Elections are a democratic way for the citizens to decide how Serbia should develop over the coming years. This is a chance for us to strengthen our capacities, to defend our country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, to bolster our economic position through European integration, to confirm our society’s democratic credentials, and to change things for the better,” said Tadić.

The president called for a fair and clean campaign, and for the elections to take place in a peaceful and democratic atmosphere “for Serbia to have stable institutions that will work for the good of Serbian citizens in the coming years.” Yesterday, Parliamentary Speaker Oliver Dulić met with party leaders to explain, that there would be no resumption of the first spring session of parliament. (B92)