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Serbia: Brussels considers interim agreement

EU ambassadors will meet Tuesday in Brussels to consider “unfreezing” a trade deal with Serbia.

The EU signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with Belgrade in early May, but both it and the interim trade agreement were immediately suspended pending Serbia’s full cooperation with the Hague Tribunal. However, Tanjug news agency says, quoting the press officer with the French EU presidency Marine de Carne, that it is not expected for the ministers to greenlight the implementation of this trade agreement today.

Last week a majority of EU member-states, led by Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, Italy and Slovenia, were in favor of allowing the implementation of the deal immediately. However, some other countries, such as Holland, insisted that any final decision should await Chief Hague Prosecutor Serge Brammertz’s report. “In order to give a green light, objective conditions must be met, and that is the extradition of Radovan Karadžić and the Brammertz report. These conditions have not been met at this time,” Carne said. Because of this, the trade agreement will likely not be “unfrozen” today, but it will be discussed, she explained. (B92)