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Security is the first - George W. Bush

The president of the United States arrives in Hungary June 22. For security reasons over 40 roads are to be closed in 7 districts. Up until Tuesday evening more than 200 cars have been moved from their parking places for the owners hadn't moved the cars by the deadline. Parking is prohibitted in these streets. Authorities closed streets from 6pmJune 19 till 8pm June 22. Not even the ambulance or the firefighters can drive through the blocked and secured streets. Drainage is being checked with cameras. On Wednesday and Thursday evening, flights are going to be delayed for safety reasons: blocked air traffic in the area. Sharpshooters will be on duty on the Citadell. Some of the closed areas are the Buda Castle, Bem square, Kossuth square, Múzeum boulevard, Kossuth street, Deák square and Astoria.