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Russia imposes flight restrictions following Europe, US

Restrictions on liquids permitted on airplanes, similar to those imposed in Europe and the United States following terrorist threats, will come into force in Russia Monday.

European and US security agencies moved to impose strict limits on the items, including beverages, hair gels and lotions, allowed onto planes in the wake of a thwarted terrorist plot to simultaneously blow up 10 jets leaving Britain for the US last summer. Travelers in Russia are now allowed to carry no more than 100 milliliters of liquid, which is to be packed in a transparent plastic bag and tightened with adhesive tape, onto planes. Medicines, baby and special dietary foods are allowed onto planes without any restrictions.

Moscow’s airports said the new security measures will not lead to delays at security checkpoints. “We guarantee that the rules coming into force will not lead to more time at security checkpoints,” a spokesman for the Domodedovo airport said. “Our current capacity and manpower allow us to work efficiently according to the new rules.” Officials in Sheremetyevo said they had procured packing material and equipment, planned additional checkpoints and therefore expected no disruptions for passengers.

But government officials have called on travelers to show understanding to possible increases in the amount of time they spend at airports. Yevgeny Bachurin, head of the federal air transportation agency, said last week inspection time could increase, but passengers would not suffer any additional financial burden over the new rules. Liquids and beverages acquired in Duty Free stores in amounts exceeding 100 milliliters will be allowed onto planes in transparent and tightly packed plastic bags with receipts confirming the purchase. (