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Russia calls for meeting with NATO

Russian envoy to NATO Dmitri Rogozin has called for an urgent Russia-NATO meeting regarding US plans to send arms to Kosovo.

Rogozin wants the meeting to take place next week.

He accused the US of giving weapons to former terrorists for the war against terrorism, adding that such a move was, if nothing else, interesting.

However, NATO officials said that they do not know of any requests coming from Russia for such a meeting.

Rogozin said that the people who were in power in Kosovo had reached those positions as organizers and leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which Rogozin said many considered to be a terrorist organization.

Last night, President Boris Tadić called George Bush’s decision to send arms to Kosovo “bad news.”

Tadić said that the US president should have refrained from taking such a step.

“It’s bad news and comes at a very sensitive moment for Serbia and the Serbs in Kosovo, and I can in no way support it,” the president told Pink TV.

He said that the news could be interpreted another way, as leading analysts have justified the decision as a routine measure on the part of the US administration. “That’s another way of interpreting it. However, the fact is that Kosovo was recognized in such a way that it has no legal form and was recognized violates international law. Were a state to become independent on the basis of international law, such a decision could be accepted,” said Tadić.

The president added, however, that “something like this should not have happened.” (B92)