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Rudi reports on his term at TV helm - Hungary

Public television broadcasting company MTV Zrt disposes of an annual Ft 30 billion budget - the same amount as 10 years ago - shows the 64-page report prepared by MTV president Zoltán Rudi for the board of the supervising body.

Taking inflation into account, MTV should have a Ft 70 billion budget now to keep level, writes Rudi. MTV had a Ft 4.1 billion deficit in 2004 but since he took over, the company has produced pre-tax profits. Between 1997 and 2003 MTV produced a combined Ft 46 billion balance sheet deficit and sold 95% of its properties, he reminds.

In mid-2007 there were 1,717 employees, against 1,577 three and a half year ago, which seems to contradict the considerable layoffs foreshadowed in the company’s reorganization plan.

Last summer the firm hired 398 people who have been working under false freelance contracts previously, explained Rudi. Rudi explanation the fact that both the posts of deputy president and managing director are vacant reads: "I have not found the suitable persons so far." (Gazdasági Rádió, Magyar Hírlap)