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Romania's Premier demands resignation of Agriculture Minister

Romanian Prime Minister Calin Tariceanu demanded Agriculture Minister Gheorghe Flutur's resignation after the minister joined critics of the premier from within his own party.

Flutur on Friday quit as vice president of the co-ruling National Liberal Party, headed by Tariceanu, after the party last month excluded Theodor Stolojan, one of its leading members and an adviser to President Traian Basescu. „It would have been normal that he resign as minister after having resigned as vice president,” Tariceanu said today in a news briefing, after Flutur said yesterday he wouldn't resign as minister.

„I will send the president today my demand to revoke him from his position as minister.” Tariceanu's demands for the resignation of Flutur, who has served as agriculture since 2005, comes as Romania needs to improve food safety and move closer to European Union agricultural standards as it joins the trading bloc on January 1. (Bloomberg)