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Romanian Parliament rejects no-confidence motion against government

Romanian Parliament on Monday evening rejected the no-confidence motion against the government headed by Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

Only 228 of the 464 MPs voted the motion submitted by the pro- presidential Democratic Party (PD), 115 in favor, 112 against and one void ballot. For the motion to pass, 233 yes votes would have been needed. The motion entitled „The Tariceanu government has to go” states that Romania needs „a stable, professional government, with a transparently assumed parliamentary majority,” and urges all political parties either to accept the government or to agree to early elections.

It accuses the government of incurring „a serious democratic and credibility deficit abroad, something which cannot be permitted to happen at this moment when Romania must mobilize all its resources to capitalize on the benefits of being part of the European Union in the interest of all citizens.” The bill also states that the government formed by the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) faces „an equally serious competence deficit, clearly being the weakest government Romania has ever had.”

Most political parties last week outlined their stance on the censure motion - all except for the two pro-presidential parties (PD and PLD) are not in favor of it. The no-confidence motion is the fourth the Tariceanu government has faced since it assumed its mandate at the end of 2004. Romania has been gripped by a months-long political crisis triggered by the long-running power struggle between the prime minister and president.

Basescu, who was accused of usurping the power of the prime minister and violating the constitution, survived an impeachment referendum on May 19, as 74% of voters cast ballots against his removal from office. Basescu has since tried to have the two pro-presidential parties included in the government. (