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Romania, US sign extradition treaty

Romanian Justice Minister Tudor Chiuariu and the Ambassador of the United States in Bucharest Nicholas Taubman signed on Monday a new extradition treaty in order to strengthen bilateral relations.

The new treaty proposes a more simple and efficient procedure of extradition replacing a convention signed by the two countries in 1924 which was amended through an additional agreement in 1936. According to the treaty, the two sides agreed to mutually extradite persons under criminal investigation or sentenced by the authorities of the requesting country.

However, the crimes that are punishable by the death penalty in the United States are excepted from the rule of extradition. The person concerned will not be extradited unless the requesting country guarantees that the death penalty will not be implemented. The signing of the documents is seen by the two sides as important to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries. (english.people)