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Romania supports NATO enlargement

Romanian President Traian Basescu supported the enlargement of NATO by admitting Croatia, Macedonia and Albania as new members.

“Romania supports without reservation NATO enlargement with another three countries - Croatia, Macedonia and Albania - and, at the same time, backs up the idea according to which more attention should be paid to finding better solutions in the case of Georgia and even Ukraine.”

Basescu also said the NATO Summit on April 2-4 in Romania will be a success. “The summit plans to seek solutions for Afghanistan, for the enlargement projects, for the member states' security, for forging security in the Black Sea region and for energy problems,” Basescu said. “We must make progress from the summit in Riga, organized last year, in the autumn.”

“Beyond enlargement, the summit also plans to bring closer to NATO states such as Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro,” Basescu added.

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer was in Bucharest Friday to meet with Basescu to discuss preparations for the summit. De Hoop Scheffer said the Alliance Summit will be an important meeting. The NATO chief also met with Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Defence Minister Teodor Melescanu, and some other top officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Xinhua)