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Romania denies hosting secret CIA prisons

Romania has dismissed allegations that it was involved in hosting secret CIA jails to interrogate terror suspects in 2003-05, following claims made in an EU report.

Swiss MP Dick Marty claimed in an earlier report that the CIA ran secret jails in Poland and Romania after the 2001 terrorist attacks on the US to interrogate foreign terrorist suspects. Romania's Council of Europe envoy described the allegations as groundless, adding that his country has fully cooperated with the investigation and provided all information requested by Marty, who is heading the inquiry into alleged secret jails in Europe on behalf of the Council of Europe.

He said EU governments have built "a wall of silence" around the charges that they let the CIA run clandestine prisons on their territory. "There has been a wall of silence on the part of governments, silence that covers illegal acts, human rights violations. Why this silence, why this systematic refusal to respond to our questions?" he said. He previously accused 14 European nations of colluding with US intelligence to help the CIA render terror suspects to illegal detention facilities. (