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Romania bird flu outbreak under control

The avian influenza outbreak in Romania was declared by local officials eradicated.

The recent outbreak in the Danube delta area was declared closed at the beginning of January 2008, after Romania’s National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANZVSA) confirmed that no further positive results have been found for any domestic or wild birds. After the confirmation at the end of November of one outbreak in Murighiol village in Tulcea county, ANZVSA imposed restrictions to limit and rapidly eradicate the disease. Transport and marketing of poultry and poultry products are now permitted. The sanitary barriers installed at the village borders and at the Murighiol wharf have been removed.

Starting on November 27, 413 households with 5,367 birds located in the 3-kilometer protection zone were inspected, and 235 households with 6,978 birds in the 10-kilometer surveillance zone were examined.  In addition to the controlled areas, the entire area of Tulcea County, which contains 960 households with 29,617 birds, were inspected for infection. 

Due to the location of the village in the Danube delta, the Veterinary Authority also tested the wild bird population. A total of 2,700 blood and tracheal samples were found negative. (The Cattle Network)