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Report on biofuels: growth through mandates

Datamonitor’s report 'The European Landscape for Biofuels in the Transport Sector' provides an assessment of the fiscal, economic and market based factors that have encouraged the use of biofuels across Europe.

The use of biofuels as a motor fuel in Europe has increased rapidly in recent years. It currently accounts for around 1% of total road fuel in terms of energy content. The main driver of this growth is the European Biofuels Directive, setting a target for biofuels to account for 5.75% of total road fuel sales by 2010.

A new report from independent market analyst Datamonitor shows that although the EU’s interim target of 2% by 2005 was missed and the 2010 target is also unlikely to be achieved, the penetration of biofuels into the road fuel market will continue to grow on the back of national legal mandates and increased availability at the pump, even in countries like the UK that have traditionally lagged behind in terms of the utilization of biofuels. (petrolplaza)