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Rearrangement of the political landscape is not over yet

After the weakening of the left wing and the increased popularity of the extreme right the transformation of the two-pole party system is not over yet, an analyst of research institute Political Capital says.

Before the 2009 European Parliamentary elections and the latest general elections Hungary showed the smallest change of the party system in the region, said Attila Juhász, leading analyst of Political Capital, reacting to the upcoming one year anniversary of the 2010 elections in April. The lack of new parties, the stability of party elites, and the long lasting adversity between the socialist MSzP and the governing conservative Fidesz clearly indicates this.

This picture however, has changed by now. The party system’s massive shift to the right was in accordance with the crisis of the social democratic parties’ in Europe, Juhász said. He highlighted that the reason behind the clear dominance of Fidesz is that the support of the opposition parties is weak, and their alliance will not realistically happen. The governing party has lost thousands of voters recently, and this can be the basis of the creation of new parties.

Juhász explained the biggest mass of voters in Hungary comprises those who do not have a clear party preference and are politically inactive. They are a source of major tension in the current party system.