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Radio tenders won under political pressure, WikiLeaks says

It is “obvious” that media authority ORTT made its decision on the radio frequency tenders of commercial radio channels Sláger Rádió and Danubius Rádió under political pressure back in 2009, online news portal Origo reported, citing the documents of the Hungarian US Embassy leaked by WikiLeaks.

The documents showed that the American diplomats had strongly objected to the tenders to Gordon Bajnai, who was Hungary’s Prime Minister at that time. Bajnai himself also considered the case as a slur on his work as a PM and said that he had “no leverage” on the politicians so he could not prohibit such cases. In 2009, Hungary’s most popular radio channels, Sláger and Danubius unexpectedly lost their frequencies to NeoFm and ClassFM, radio stations reported to be in the interest of parliamentary parties Fidesz and MSzP.