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Radical demonstration no solution for political issues, says PM

Police mobilized throughout Hungary to help control Budapest demonstrations. Political issues cannot be resolved through radical demonstrations, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány told MTI early on Tuesday. The prime minister noted that the freedom of expression did not equal to violence and called on protesters in front of the headquarters of Hungarian Television to stop rioting. Demonstrating in the street "is not a solution but a source of conflict and crisis. We have to contain that conflict and prevent crisis," Gyurcsány said. The prime minister added that he had ordered the police force to restore order through "all available means." President László Sólyom has been informed about the events, Gyurcsány said. Police reinforcements are being mobilized all over the country to come to Budapest to help control demonstrations, the national police force spokesman announced early on Tuesday. Spokesman László Garamvölgyi noted that there will be several thousand police officers in the city within a short time. (Mti)