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Radičová, Orbán take steps to ease Hungaro-Slovak tensions

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with his Slovakian colleague Iveta Radičová at the Visegrád Four summit, where the two agreed to take resolute steps towards solving issues causing tensions between the two nations.

“We have reached agreement in highly important matters,” the TASR news agency quoted Radičová as saying. She and Orbán decided to revise the duties of the joint committees of the two countries, which will be tasked with reaching constructive solutions to the problematic issues.

Radičová said both she and Orbán clearly stated that neither country has any interest in upholding the current tense state of affairs.

Although Radičová’s succession of Robert Fico whose nationalist government was ousted this year was anticipated to bring a change in bilateral relaxations, Slovakia’s position on the controversial dual citizenship introduced by Hungary is unchanged.

“Prime Minister Orbán is familiar with the alternative solution, just as we are aware of the Hungarian bill. I have made it clear to him that we are ready to present the alternative solution which would declare the bill invalid in Slovakia [to the Slovakian parliament] if it remains as it is,” Radičová told the SITA news agency. (BBJ)