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Questions arise in police comm gear tender

The PM’s Office (MeH) has found a solution of questionable legality to a dispute between two of its own departments over the purchase of 3,000-4,000 radio communication devices for the police force and customs officers, reports daily Népszabadság.

In order to resolve the conflict between parallel tenders for the same purchase by the Central Financial and Contracting Department (KPSzE) and the Central Services Directorate (KSzF), all of the participants were hastily disqualified from the three KSzF tenders, including manufacturers such as Motorola, Sepura, Selex and EADS. KSzF is planning to accelerate the procedure in order not to miss the December 29 deadline for accessing Schengen funds for the purchase.

However, since the participants of this tender are more or less the same as the disqualified bidders in the KPSzE purchase, it is likely that the result will be appealed on the basis that MeH should not accept bids from suppliers that had been found unsatisfactory in a previous tender, the newspaper speculated. (Népszabadság)