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Public Procurement Board fines BKV

The Public Procurement Board (KDB) yesterday said it fined the Budapest Public Transport Company (BKV) Ft 1 million for breaking regulations regarding unannounced negotiated procedures.

In 2004, Ganz Transelektro won a tender to deliver 15-45 trolley buses to BKV. However, the company delivered just five of the buses before it was forced into liquidation. Under the circumstances, BKV started an unannounced negotiated procedure with Ganz Skoda, a joint venture set up specifically to take over Ganz Transelektro's unfinished trolley bus orders.

BKV said the JV was the only company which could supply drive chains for the buses and signed a contract for the delivery of ten additional coaches (reaching the minimum number stipulated in the original contract with Ganz Transelektro) plus 29 more. KDB said BKV had failed to follow regulations when it increased the number of buses over the amount in the original contract. (Econews)