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Program to promote Romanian tourism

The Ministry for SME, Tourism and Liberal Professions will implement a program to support the Romanian tourism. The program budget will amount to €8 million in 2007, Minister for SME, Tourism and Liberal Professions Ovidiu Ioan Silaghi stated in a recent interview to Rompres.

„The promotion and revitalization of the Romanian tourism can only be achieved by improving tourism offerings and the quality of services. Employers in the tourism industry should take into account the foreign competition,” Silaghi said. On April 26th and 27th the Minister met with Constanta local officials, tour operators and hotel operators and beach concession holders, to tackle seaside tourism issues. Romania should focus on bringing foreign tourists in, rather than on persuading Romanian tourists to spend their holidays in the country, and countries with significant potential are those from the ex-Soviet space and China, Ovidiu Silaghi believes. The president of the former National Authority for Tourism, Monica Barbuletiu, will be state secretary for Tourism at the newly established Ministry led by Ovidiu Silaghi, according to several sources. (