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Prime minister calls for end to domestic political conflict

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány called for an end to the internal political conflict that he said started in 2006.

Gyurcsány said that calm was necessary in light of the difficult economic challenges that Hungary currently faces. The prime minister added that Tuesday's parliamentary approval of the main 2009 budget figures suggest that the current government would stay in place until the elections of 2010.

“There are more and more signs indicating that Hungary will face the toughest economic challenges of the past few decades in the coming period and that these will equally affect people on both the right and the left as well as companies,” Gyurcsány said. “If Hungary wants to be successful, then it must not waste its energies on conflicts between the two sides,” the prime minister added.

Gyurcsány said that over the next year and a half, he will initiate reforms in areas that require adequate social support, such as transformation of the local council and tax systems, the establishment of a smaller parliament, an amendment to the electoral law and changes to party-finance regulations.

Gyurcsány highlighted the reform of the tax system, adding that a general reduction in taxes is not currently viable, though an effort will be made to moderate taxes on wages. (MTI – Econews)