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Price-hikes in Budapest, Hungary

The Budapest Mayor’s Cabinet is discussing the price hikes proposed by three public utility services today.

Hikes for chimney sweeping would be 4.4% and water supply 8.8% more. District heating would be more expensive from February the earliest, as the consequence of the expected of 5.1% gas price hike. Also, the current 48% – 52% basic fee – heat fee ratio would change to 35% – 65% as of January, and though the basic fee would be frozen the heat fee could be either increased or decreased according to the forthcoming changes in the gas price. Those choosing a lower basic fee would pay a higher heat fee when the temperature is below the average value. The General Assembly will decide on the proposals on December 20. The increased fare proposed by public transportation company BKV Zrt is not on the agenda of the Cabinet yet, but the ratio of the hike would most probably be 13%. (Gazdasági Rádió)