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President TV address on local elections

At the same time the president stated strong support for efforts to put Hungary's finances in order. The Prime Minister's speech to his Socialist fellow MPs has deeply shocked Hungary. The general indignation was justified. The peaceful demonstrations emerging nationwide have proved the sound moral sense of people," said Sólyom. "The prime minister, however, repeatedly failed to clarify the key issue. He has not admitted that he had used inadmissible methods to retain power... this attitude undermines confidence in democracy," he said, referring to Gyurcsány's admission that he had lied about the public finances before the April general election. But he also said reforms to put Hungary's house in order must go ahead as planned. "Let me emphasise that I consider it a pressing priority to put public finances in order. I have supported and will continue to support this effort. No government could have evaded assuming this responsibility. All governments should have imposed heavy burdens on the population. But an economic program of this kind cannot be brought to success without having the confidence of those bearing the burdens," said the President. Sólyom added that there should be a clear distinction drawn between the peaceful and legitimate demonstrations and the violence which rocked Budapest two weeks ago. (MTI)