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President Sólyom asks Orbán to form gov't

Hungary's president, Lászlo Sólyom, on Wednesday officially asked Viktor Orbán, the leader of conservative party Fidesz, to form the next government.

Sólyom proposed Orbán as the next prime minister and Orbán, who last governed between 1998 and 2002, accepted.

“In the first session of parliament, the President must put forward a new prime minister ... I will nominate Viktor Orbán," Sólyom told a news conference after meeting Orbán.

The inaugural session of parliament is provisionally scheduled for May 14.

Orbán told journalists after his meeting with Sólyom in Sándor palace that Fidesz planned to govern for the whole country.

“The mandate voters have given Fidesz is undoubtedly significant - more than a two-thirds [majority of seats] - and the next government aims to serve for three-thirds,” Orbán said, accepting Sólyom's proposal to become Hungary's next PM.

Orbán reiterated that Fidesz would launch a series of consultations in the next days on five issues of national importance: law and order, the economy, health, social security and democracy. (MTI-Econews)