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Positive reception for PM's state-of-the-nation speech

The Hungarian public had a clearly positive reaction to the state-of-the-nation address Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered on Monday, a recent survey by Századvég Institute shows. Three quarters of poll respondents called the speech "strong and resolute" and two thirds “worthy of a statesman”. One in five surveyed heard or saw the address or a part of it, while 46% were informed about its content by news broadcasts. 60% of respondents found the speech credible. Two thirds said they appreciated the premier's clear style and resoluteness. The political messages of the speech were also welcomed, irrespective of the respondents' party affiliation. Over 80% agreed that the government debt was one of the gravest sources of danger for the future. 98% supported the message of “job opportunities instead of aid” while 97% agreed that “all able to work should work” and 92% backed the objective of renewing Hungary. (BBJ)