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Polls shows swing voters prefer PM's state of nation speech

Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány's state of the nation speech last Monday was more popular among swing voters than main opposition Fidesz party leader Viktor Orbán's speech a day earlier, daily Népszabadság reported on Wednesday. Among all the people who knew the speeches, 39 % preferred Gyurcsány's speech while 31 % thought Orbán's speech was better, Népszabadság reported, quoting pollster Medián. Orbán managed to shore up his core support, while among voters not affiliated to either of the main parties there was a higher percentage of people who liked Gyurcsány's speech, according to


Medián's phone poll of 1,000 people last Friday and Saturday. 92% of Fidesz supporters were wowed by Orbán as against 82 % of Socialist voters who liked Gyurcsány's speech. But among voters for other parties and the undecided Gyurcsány was several percentage points ahead of Orbán. The two main rivals, the governing Socialist party MSZP and the right-of-centre Fidesz party, are tied in the polls ahead of the election whose first round is on April 9.